The 1in12 Club


The 1in12 Club is a self-managed, autonomous social centre located down a cobbled West Yorkshire side-street in Bradford that celebrated in 2011 its 30th year of existence. Since 1981 a group of like-minded folk who were associated together through Bradford’s anarchist orientated Claimant’s Union decided to generate a social scene that was both accessible and affordable for the low-waged and unemployed.

Britain politically in 1981 was already suffering from the Tory Government of the day policies that brought unemployment to millions. The Conservative’s Raynor Report of that year stated that “1in12 claimants are defrauding the state”. Hence the 1in12 Club was born! Those involved in the Claimant’s Union began to organise gigs in pubs in Bradford’s city centre with the aim to provide gigs that were affordable & did not tolerate racist or sexist attitudes and were free from dodgy promoters, bouncers and dress codes. Regular Sunday meetings (that happen fortnightly to this day) decided how money was raised from activities were used. Cassette tapes, vinyl LP’s and later CD’s documented bands that played the Club and supported the Club’s principles of LIBERTY, EQUALITY and SOLIDARITY. Books were published, zines printed and eventually an old four-storey warehouse purchased so that in 1988 the 1in12 Club had a building in Albion Street to call home.

Over the years the building has required the often voluntary efforts of individuals to build, plaster, re-wire, plumb, paint and re-roof its structure to enable the dreams and imaginations of its members to create a Club that enabled a Club to be what it was meant to be; a Club free, open, relaxed and friendly. Over the last 23 years the building has been used for gigs, meetings, film showings, discussion, book fairs and a range of other activities from different Collectives that have emerged through members’ interests and political ideas. The cafe raises money for benefit causes and caters at political campaigns; the library has developed and become a valued resource; the bar raises funds to support the Club whilst other Collectives such as the Quiz, Cricket and Football Teams take the Club’s identity both in and outside of Bradford.

(written for insert for ANDY T 7″ Benefit Record on 1in12 Records by Steve – released August 2012)

To view the 1in12 Club’s Constitution visit: or click on the link below:


Opened in 1996 by veteran anarchist Albert Meltzer, the 1in12 Library continues to curate a sizeable collection of literature, and also to maintain the space which plays host (in addition to the book-related activities) to films, meetings, internet access and meals.

And cake.


The Record Collective is a non profit making organisation which produces compilation LPs within the 1 in 12 Club. It functions to transfer the efforts of the bands and artists who play the club onto vinyl without restricting their music or capitalizing on their efforts. All money re-couped from the record sales is re-invested into the Record Collective to ensure that the process of making compilation LPs continues to chronicle the musical history of the Club.


Operating from the top floor cafe/library, the cafe collective seeks to provide cheap vegan and vegetarian food which does not compromise our principles in respect of sustainability and global equity.


Growing food on 3 allotments for over 20 years providing food for the Cafe


The 1in12 club has a long and glorious history, largely overshadowed by a record of defeats on the local and international fields of play.

Still active, playing football, cricket and going on energetic walks, the team is largely an underground enterprise whose secret gatherings sometimes get a mention on their website here.

1in12 Records White


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