MTAE 2012



FRIDAY 19th October

DISKELMA (Finland) – the Manowar of Finnish d-beat

FAG ENABLERZ (Ireland) – snotty Dublin punx gonna kick you where it hurts … 261?ref=ts

I LIKE BUGS (London) – South East London crazed noise punk … 693?ref=ts

GRAND COLLAPSE (Wales)– Positive political anarcho punk

PERSPEX FLESH (Leeds)– SEIGE-esque, punishing, raw Hardcore

SATURDAY 20th October

ANTISECT (UK) – – Classic politically charged anarcho punk

HARDA TIDER (Sweden) – raw, hardcore thrash punk from Malmo

PUTREFACTION (Ireland) – wallowing ballsy stenchcore

YDINPERHE (Finland) – female/male fronted Hakaniemi Hardcore

SKIPLICKERS (Sheffield)– D-beat mangel from the City of Steel

SATURNINE (Italy) – all female doom; witches SABBATH … 2405167945

CLOCKED OUT (Glasgow)– raging raw, fast hardcore from Glasgow

ENDLESS ROPE (Leeds)– Local amazing MOSS ICON-esque hardcore for the modern age!

SUNDAY 21st October (Held at Wharf Chambers, Leeds)

HEARTLESS (USA)– from Pittsburgh. Described as one part SPAZZ, one part HIS HERO IS GONE, one part AMEBIX

NO (London) – London raw stripped down punk rock

PROLEFEED (Durham)– ex members of SAWN OFF/WAR ALL THE TIME doing what they know best!!

KROKODIL (Leeds) – local Japanese crasher crust influenced noise not music … 613?ref=ts

MEANS TO AN END… Hangover Gig 2012

Patches were made by Pogger Art as well for this year as a Benefit. Limited to 50(?)

Wharf Chambers in Leeds is a members’ club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

The Fest was again a benefit for Bradford Cat Watch Charity


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