MTAE 2011

MTAE poster 2011 new

BANDS that played in 2011 were:

TRAUMA UNIT (Yorks) great original anarcho punk from West Yorkshire – //

DIET PILLS (Leics) – heavy, fierce, in your face hardcore –

SPECIAL EDUCATION (Israel) – – female/male dual vocals of fast, punk rock!!!

DRY HEAVES (Sheffield) – Pretty new band outta South Yorkshire playing snotty garagey punk. looking forward to this.

INSIDIOUS PROCESS (Sweden) – Have a recent split LP out with fellow Swedish punks AVFART 33, INSIDIOUS PROCESS contain an ex-member of GIVE UP ALL HOPE from the UK. Female fronted brutality of heavy, fast, dark, metallic, angry punk rock!!!!! –

STAB (London) amazing short intense political Hardcore. Likened to RIPCORD meets HERESY –

FILTHPACT (Aberdeen, Scotland) original MTAE… Fest standard bearers return after reuniting

CONTORT (Ireland) Toured the UK with WARNING/WARNING from France last year. Blistering distortion//destruction.
Arrghhh!!!! –

KOBAYASHI (Germany) From Bremen; awesome melodic hardcore likened to QUARENTINE meets VERBAL ASSAULT –

ANTHRAX (Kent) The one and only mighty ANTHRAX reformed. Anarcho inspired punk originally from the early 80’s. Seen them they twice since they got back together and they are very tight. ANTHRAX have never played further north then Sheffield! A rare venture indeed for this legendary band who released a 7” on Crass Records and another on Small Wonder Records. Recent self-released LP. Back together and still angry! –

SHITTY LIMITS (Reading) their last but one EVER gig! Definitely their last ever Northern gig. If you saw them last year they were amazing.

ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS (Notts) tri-vocal brutality from the Forest of crust

GLAM (Barcelona) – Came over just for A MEANS TO AN END… Their ONLY U.K. gig!!

INSERVIBLES (Mexico) raw as hell punk ala VOID. Probably their ONLY UK tour….

The Fest was a benefit for Bradford Cat Watch Charity

2011 poster 2

MEANS TO AN END… Hangover gig 2011


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