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20TH APRIL 2014

MEANS TO AN END… #10 looms upon the horizon! I was young when this Festival began in 2005! 🙂 Many grey hairs have been accumulated since but so have many good and happy memories, friendships and good times 😀

This year, 2014, sees our 10th anniversary. Personally I am off to Ktown this year in Copenhagen, Denmark where the inspiration for MTAE began. The old Ungdomshuset building, although so much larger than the 1in12 Club, had many similarities. It raised the question of what could be done with so many facilities open to us IF we did something and made it happen.

And so MTAE was born…

For 2014, the MTAE Collective are really happy to announce that THE MOB (UK) are the first band to have been confirmed for this years Fest. The ideals of the Festival are based on the DIY punk/hardcore community, of friendship and solidarity and THE MOB and together with the music, the politics and how they are as people, to have THE MOB play is fantastic!

Also confirmed for this year are UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE (Spain). With a release on LA VIDA ES UN MUS and a recent UK gig in London behind them we are very happy they have agreed to come up north to blow our northern socks off!!! This is the review from LVEUM webapge of their LP:

“MUS70 UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE – Observant com el món es destrueix LP

Barcelona’s UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE came out of nowhere a few months ago. Within a few weeks of their existence they had recorded a promising demo of experimental noisy hardcore, played a few shows in UK and Spain and started working on their debut album. Barely 6 months later they give birth to “Observant Com el Món es destrueix”. A 9 track LP integrally sang in Catalan and with a psychedelic approach to their previous bands  sound (GLAM/ ATENTADO/ DESTINO FINAL / INVASION/ CROSTA amongst others). Their primative anthems of nature seeking dreams are distorted, repetitive and heavy at times. With their boots firmly stuck in hardcore based while keeping the overall sound free of any boundaries and styles. The artwork by guitarrist  Guillem el Muro reflects the spirit of the album perfectly. An explosion of hardcore between day dreaming of peace and nightmares of reality.

Hailing from Chile and Barcelona, SUICIDAS, have also agreed to come to the almighty 1in12 Club. This amazing band have so far released two 7″s, the most recent being ‘Record of the Week’ in MRR! 🙂

“Mata la Muerte” EP from MRR (20/04/2014)

17 04 2014

Suicidas_EPShit, this is great! SUICIDAS comes from Spain and plays straightforward punk with tons of melody and female/male vocals that could be described as “soaring.” Well thought out, tight, perfect and anthemic… They sound as if they’re taking some cues from THE BRAT and some certain Scandinavian contemporaries, but they’re really making their own mark here and forging their own path. I wouldn’t expect anything less from members of RUIDOSA, BELGRADO and DESTINO FINAL. Yes, you want this.

KIELOTOLAKI from Turku in Finland play this year also! Aptly described as ‘raging hardcore punk’ they have a few releases under their bullet belts now. This is their LP that was released by Feral Ward back in 2010:

They contain Jallu from ‘1981‘ who played MTAE last year (2013) and blew may people away with their blend of tuneful and political anarcho punk.

Next up are BLACK COP from Glasgow in Scotland playing fast and frantic hardcore to jump and down and sing along to! They have a new release out in May 2014. Listen here:

More bands who we have invited will be announced in the near future so please keep your eyes peeled on this page, our Facebook page and various gig guides like and Ripping Thrash Gig Guide.

Up the punx!

MTAE… #10

Update #2 21st April 2014

THISCLOSE from Scotland are down to play MEANS TO AN END…#10 for SATURDAY 11th OCTOBER 2014. Never Again will they play Bradford for War is no Fairtytale but THISCLOSE, well They Declare It, and you are Society’s Victim… Get down…!!!



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