MTAE Friends

WHO: Bands with at least one female member.

WHEN: 8th-10th March 2013.

WHERE: 1in12 club Bradford, England

WHY: Benefit for womens rights group.

EQUAL fest is a DIY benefit festival for women’s rights groups (the next benefit is going to be for Pussy Riot) and the band

EQUAL fest supports woman’s involvement in the political music scene and would like to inspire more females to get involved. That’s why all the bands that are playing have at least one female member.

EQUAL fest supports gender, racial, social, generational, cultural etc. equality and opposes any forms of oppression, inequality and discrimination. This event is happening at the 1 in12 club in Bradford, a members owned and run social centre based on anarchist principals, self-management, co-operation & mutual aid.

fb event




BRUDTE LØFTER “Hårdt miljø” 7″ is finally out now…..
5 tracks of catchy obnoxious K-Town HC.
These are in my opinion the best tracks from their recent recording.

“It’s limited to 300 copies and a little more expensive than I’d hoped for – but hey, what can you do…..?
I also have a stack of the E.P. that Gummopunx did recently (from the same recording).

Check a few tracks on their bandcamp:

B.L. are touring Europe starting this weeks are playing for free or traveling expenses.”


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