The MEANS TO AN END…Collective are happy to announce that the 10th MTAE Fest will happen this year on the days of Friday 10th/Saturday 11th October at the 1in12 Club in Bradford, West Yorkshire and on Sunday 12th October at Wharf Chambers Co-Op in Leeds.

Being our 10th anniversary we are hoping many folk will come and celebrate with us ten years of DIY punk and mayhem!

Regular news updates will be posted in the MTAE News section so please keep your eyes peeled for musings there. Once a poster has been drawn up we will be distributing these far and wide so any help with advertising will be appreciated. Modern techology and ‘Social Media’ is NOT my speciality!!! 😉

For those of you who have perhaps never been to the 1in12 Club before it is the U.K.’s oldest autonomous social centre now existing since 1981. We have had the current building since 1988 and MTAE is just one contribution of promoting what the 1in12 Club stands for. Please check out the Club’s webpage here:

The first two days of MTAE occur at the Club and then for the fianl third day we stumble are way over to Leeds to Wharf Chambers, a Co-Op which is best explained by their own blurb from their webpage which says: Wharf Chambers is a bar and multi-use venue in the centre of Leeds run by a workers co-op in partnership with a members club. We aim to provide an inclusive and affordable space for music, art, film, politics and discussion that brings together people from communities across Leeds.’

For more details about Wharf Chambers and the great work folk do there this is their website:

We ask that all those wishing to take come to MTAE consider our ethos of unity, acceptance, liberty and solidarity. This means all peoples of planet earth are welcomed and respected if they can welcome and respect all others regardless of ability, skin, gender, sexual preferences and other lame excuses and labels created by a society that wishes to divide and conquer us.

For more on what MEANS TO AN END… aims to represent please check out our (ongoing at present) IDEOLOGY section on this Blog space. Whilst there is not particularly the space for workshops to occur at the Club over the weekend MTAE exists we attempt to make our political message and ideology apparent through the banners that adorn our lovely walls, through the existence of the Club and the volunteers who work there to serve food at the cafe, work the bar and clean up after the gig and help make MTAE happen and through the bands that we ask to play who we believe have something to say.

So please come, enjoy and respect the space that the 1in12 Club creates. A warm welcome awaits!


Steve…on behalf of

El MTAE Colectivo xxx

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